“Why Giving Circles? Why Now?” Webinar Hosted by Friends of Ebonie (from BlackGivesBack.com)

As noted in previous blog entries [Black Philanthropy and the Creation of a Transformational National Resource-Pooling FundRegional Resource-Pooling Initiatives], giving circles are “micro models” of the ambitiously transformational, large-scale, national resource-pooling fund discussed in the BlackProgress.com article, Financing Black Progress, Part 2: A Self-Reliance “Marshall Plan”: Creating a National Resource-Pooling Fund. Giving circles could potentially proliferate and grow into potent variants of such a fund at regional and national levels.

Tracey Webb, the laudable advocate of giving circles and philanthropy at BlackGivesBack.com, reports on a recent webinar titled: “Why Giving Circles? Why Now?” (available online here). According to Ms. Webb, “[y]ou’ll learn what a giving circle is, how they work, and why they are essential to communities of color. You’ll also learn why I started The Black Benefactors and resources if you’d like to start or join a giving circle.”

[Full post at BlackGivesBack.com: “Why Giving Circles? Why Now?” Hosted by Friends of Ebonie.]

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